The Experiences

The Amenara Estate offers distinctive experiences tailored to individual preferences, ideally creating happy, enduring holiday memories. Consider Balinese massages in the privacy of the villa. Our staff can arrange personal trainers at the gym or in lush surroundings or consider yoga and mat Pilates sessions on the deck. The staff can tailor-make any tour or activity that guests desire.

Cooking Class

Indulge in the unique flavours of Balinese cuisine, an integral part of the island’s fascination. Elevate your holiday by learning new culinary skills and authentic Indonesian recipes. We are happy to tailor unforgettable cooking classes to suit your expertise.

Amenara Estate - Cooking Class

Spa Time

Enhance your Amenara experience with some rejuvenating spa moments. Our skilled therapists specialize in various body massages and facial treatments, drawing inspiration from traditional Balinese healing techniques. Indulge in spa sessions by the pool, on the deck, in the privacy of your bedroom or in a tranquil garden spot.

Amenara Estate - SPA

Personal Training

Stay active throughout your holiday. Use the Amenara gym at your convenience or swim laps in the 18m pool. Alternatively, opt for personalised fitness sessions such as Thai kickboxing, yoga, or Pilates. If the children haven’t mastered the pool, swimming instructors can be arranged to visit the villa.

Amenara Estate - Personal Trainer