We have formed a holistic approach to sustainability with four interconnected pillars. This is the basis of our thinking, planning and actions towards the vision: a sustainable future with long-term values and sustainable value chains, for us and for all.

Social Sustainability

Care for our Family.

Our family, which we call our employees, is one of our most important assets. Wherever we set foot, we focus on developing the local people, nurturing them to work efficiently and happily, improving employee welfare and providing exemplary service.

Support for our Community.

At the same time, we strive to increase our positive impacts on our communities so that all can live together in an equitable, healthy and sustainable way. We respect and preserve the unique cultures and heritages of any community we are located within. We believe in the power of empowerment, advancing human rights and providing opportunities to those in need.

Social Sustaiability
Environmental Sustaiability

Environmental Sustainability

Responsible for our Environment.

We recognise and respect the opportunities we have to develop and operate resorts in many incredible destinations and are committed to taking responsibility for the environment in any possible way. We continually identify green initiatives and integrate them into our operations so our guests can have the closest interactions with nature. We also invite all key stakeholders to join the collective efforts of creating and promoting eco-conscious travel.

Sustainability Progress

Committed to Change.

Being aware that sustainability is a lifelong journey of continuous improvements in all facets of our operation, we are committed to measuring our performance and forming actionable improvements each fiscal year. With our honesty and transparency, we present our sustainability progress throughout the years in the list of attachments.